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2nd. International balloon and paramotor Festival
12th -23 March 2015

You will be hosted by the Iraqi Ministry of Transport

And the Governorate of Basra


The idea of our project is to show that you can overcome any conflict peacefully, found a number of common values, which are for many people a lot more important than cultural or historical antagonisms.

Once again, we decided to gather a group of pilots, this time from all over the world, who in this difficult and clearly busy time, across cultures, irrespective of differing political beliefs, philosophical or religious, they decided to leave for Iraq to fly there together the cradle of civilization, in a mythical place where, according to many stories and beliefs of our common ancestors lived - Adam and Eve. People who God confused the languages in Babylon, come back again to this place, to speak with a single, unified voice.

The pilots, who were invited to participate in this event, people with unusual characters, aware of the importance of this event, which combines one big, common need - in dire need of freedom. We believe that the integration of our environment - balloon pilots, pilots motoparalotnipwych, skydivers may be the beginning of an extraordinary process of many positive changes.

The aim of the event is to break the negative image of Iraq clearly pumped by the media associated almost exclusively with terrorism and armed conflict, is to break the antagonism of civilizations. We want to show the true, natural Iraq, with its extraordinary history and culture, not only the one associated with blood and violence. We want to show that people from different cultures, with different views and beliefs, it is not so difficult to find common values and common goals. And that, above all, extremely valuable to all of us is freedom.

The expedition will have a strong media coverage. Among other things, we will be accompanied by a film crew from Sweden produces almost 2 hour film for the BBC World expedition. The press has already shown a lot of interest in the Event.


Our stay will focus on the southern part of Iraq, in the mythical Mesopotamia, where we will be able to visit some of the most famous and attractive places in the world, touching history dating back nearly 5,000 years BC. We plan to jointly flying over ancient Babylon, the areas considered to be the biblical Garden of Eden, the unusual backwaters and marshes near Basra.


The organizer of the trip is the Government of Iraq, the host of our stay in Mesopotamia will Iraqi Ministry of Transport and the Governor of Basra.

Our man in Iraq is Murtada Younis, a government employee, while representative FLYCAR Arab countries. Murtada spent several years in England, after his return to Iraq, he decided to change his country's image in the media. This is an extremely difficult task, when you have a closer acquaintance decided to help him. Last year, Murtada spent with us almost two months in Poland, where together we prepared this year's action plan. At the same time, also mastered the art of our school paraglider flying.

On our side, the organization of the event the company does FLYCAR.


Just as Iraq is not the safest place in the world, so it is not just flying the safest activity under the sun.

It is well known to us the impression that Iraq lurk at every turn terrorists intending to blow up anyone who does not have a beard and a turban on his head. We flew there last year, landing both in the wild and populated area, far away from our landing field without the assistance of the military in our trajkach or balloons. After landing hundreds of friendly people always tried to help us, and in spite of insecurity, imported mainly in Europe, none of us, nothing happened. There were approx. 50 people from different places in the world, above all those who value freedom and the freedom of flying. Wymykaliśmy quietly "on the town", see, touch, taste - it happened that we came back laden with food networks, for which no one wanted to take the money from us, grateful, proud to seat us.

It is obvious that in Iraq the phenomenon of terrorism, but it is difficult to say clearly who is behind it and who winds up. Iraq, however, is not the same thing as terrorism, Iraq has the same problems with the phenomenon of terrorism as Europe.

Probably as long as the oil in Iraq will, so long as this country will be exposed to try to homesteading. Attempts to both official and unofficial armed, out of the closet, under the pretext of religious conflicts, cultural antagonisms, pumped terrorism or a number of other manipulation. The curse of this country became his wealth. And even more accurately - the people who want to have it only for themselves.

On the question of whether Iraq is safe to answer - as in Ukraine. There are quite big, safe places where you do not feel any tension, as well as inflamed places where the power is in the air. Our losses were held guarded by the military field, but we flew and landed already there where we wanted, or where the wind blew. When we left to visit the old monuments of ancient cultures, or simply moved around constantly from place to place, almost always accompanied us to assist the regular army or secret security services, but never felt a direct threat from people encountered on the streets.

We flew in the legendary Mesopotamia, Babylon, which is considered the cradle of civilization. Everything indicates that, apart from combat helicopters, we were the first who could shoot and watch these amazing places from the air. This time, in addition to Babylon will fly on a magical land, which is considered the biblical paradise, the place where Adam and Eve lived.


The trip is free. Every costs such as airline tickets, transport equipment, hotels, meals, car rental, fuel for flying, traveling in Iraq, transport our equipment in Iraq, military and care services, guides, permits or approvals for flights and a number of additional and hidden matters provide Iraqi government.

The only cost after our own, the European side is to get to the airport in Frankfurt and the the organization of the visa fee, transport documents and other organizational matters in Frankfurt, in the amount of $ 130 per person. It practically all our expense!
The payment of this amount ensures the expedition and start formal procedures. In case of cancellation will not be refunded.


For many people involved in flying over Babylon last year it was the adventure of a lifetime. It's a completely different part of the world, different mentality, and so a number of other sensations and emotions. At the same time generates a series of complications, misunderstandings, confusion. Last year, we spent three days in Copenhagen at the airport, unable to fly to Baghdad. In the meantime, half the team turned to the house. Worse, flew from Denmark to Iraq without our inventory; balloons, trolleys, paragliders were at the airport. Only seven days later, after sending Iraqi-Polish delegation from Baghdad to Copenhagen / in the middle of our journey / able to bring our equipment from Europe. Back was easier, but we lost a whole day and night trying to pick up our equipment from the airport, for which he could have had to pay duty. The two sides flew without regular ticket ...

Trips to exotic countries generate difficulties, flying in them generate even more difficult, but it does not mean that it is not impossible. Was it worth it? This question everyone must answer for himself what is important and what to do in your life. How much we would have to spend to independently carry your equipment air there, get permission to fly, take pictures and whether he would be alone can do something like that - I do not know.

This time, working on the project for almost a year, we want to eliminate everything that stood before us in the way, but keep in mind that we're going to Iraq. We can not give any guarantee that everything will go smoothly, but we try to prepare everything so that this trip was both safe and extremely exciting. Even the plane filled only pilots from around the world, valuing himself above all freedom and flying guarantees extraordinary adventure.


All participants in the expedition pilots undertake to make available to the organizers footage and photographs from the expedition, hitch a paraglider wing flags and balloons and banners of Iraq-themed room, tandem pilots undertake to carry passengers, balloon to take skydivers etc. These will be our forms gratification for their participation in the expedition. More details in the section Rules on www.flycar.com.pl


Expedition participant becomes the person who sent the email to the following set of documents Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. 

The deadline for sending documents 30. I. 2015. Later, the organization will be difficult visa.

  1. Copy of identity
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of the license
  4. Copy of insurance
  5. Short information:
  1. Proof of payment of the costs of formalities -$ 130 to your account
  2. Signed Statement and Regulations
  3. Complete list / specification / and photos that people take to Iraq, / can be very useful for the receipt of the equipment at the airport /



TEL   00 48 603 119 216  Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.  skype: FlycarTom


TEL   00 96 47 704 306 169 Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

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